Weekly Money Horoscope – Featured Article

I’ve been busy doing three things lately:

  • Working on my Website
  • Finding the balance between family, friends, honoring my freelance work and creating a new life
  • Spending time at the end of every day being grateful for all of life’s gifts (verbally and through journaling)

The last is the most important – because when you’re grateful for your life and all of its treasures and foibles and when you begin to see the gift in all things – each moment, each person, each experience … good things really do start to happen.

Today’s good thing came early … my editor at CaliforniaPsychics.com told me that the format of the subscription newsletter was changing and that it would now feature three things (there’s that “3” again):

Well thanks to you and all of my friends that read my blog and/or follow CaliforniaPsychics’ blog – My Weekly Money Horoscope is now the weekly feature in the newsletter and it will continue to be (until something more popular appears on the horizon) each week.


Exclusive Access – You, as my blog readers get this link on Sundays (the weekly money horoscope runs from Monday to Sunday) and so do the subscribers to the CP newsletter – regular folk who just read the CP blog occasionally won’t see it until Monday.

Now don’t you feel special? I know I do – thanks to all of you and also my fabulous editor who is always an inspiration to me – Thanks Holly!

Here’s what the clip from the newsletter looks like in email (and it’s also your link to the article):
Weekly Money Horoscope

I am so grateful for my blogger friends, my readers and all the good things that life is throwing my way!  Thank you.  Now go read your weekly money horoscope and get a jump on the week ahead.

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