Date and Love a Cancer

date-love-cancer-150Date and Love a Cancerian: Getting Close to the Crab

If you’d like to strike up a conversation with a Cancer, then you must be warned that a superficial conversation will be met with a superficial response. Cancerians are not pushovers, and if you move in too fast or too hard, they will quickly scamper off in another direction. It’s their own internal vulnerability beneath that tough outer shell that they hope you will recognize. They don’t trust easily, but if they see something in you that mirrors a part of them, they will start to open up and let you get closer.

Dating a Cancer

If you’re dating a Cancer, then you have been invited into their home. Not the place they go to sit on the couch each evening, but their heart. For Cancers home is a feeling and the security and comfort that can be found in a home is the only feeling that puts them fully at ease.

Cancers are often called moody, as they are ruled by the Moon and follow its phases closely. If you date a Cancer you should know that they prefer romance and serenity over anything. However, if you take them for granted or speak to them unkindly, they will unleash their full strength of raw emotion, in hurricane proportion. They don’t like being told what to do, even if it’s just to “calm down.”

Love and the Cancer Woman

Though she may sometimes doubt her other decisions, once she feels love, she feels no doubt. If you love a Cancer then you should make it a point to date her, even if you’re married to her. The romance should always be kept alive. [click here to read more]

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8 thoughts on “Date and Love a Cancer

  1. One my of close friends is a cancer, this is really accurate! I also talk about astrology in my blog, I can’t wait to explore yours a bit more! Seems like a really interesting blog 😀

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