Venus Love Forecast for June 2013

Venus-Love-Horoscope-June-150Venus Dives into Love

Venus enters Cancer, a water sign, on June 2 and stays for a month-long sojourn that lasts until the 27th. Like the sign of Cancer, Venus revels in the realm of love, but neither should be taken for mere muses. To get to know Venus, especially as she is in Cancer, you have to dive a little deeper into the ocean of emotion and sensitivity.

A Lifesaver

Venus gets added support from Cancer’s fellow water signs, Pisces and Scorpio, as Venus, Neptune and Saturn form a perfect triangle from the first to the last week of June. This grand trine in water signs gives Venus stability, which she needs especially on the 11th and 12th when Pluto and then Uranus try to rock the love boat. Profess neither love nor hate—go with the flow and ride with the tide. Emotions will stabilize again towards the end of that week.

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