Your Money Horoscope for June 2013

Money-Horoscope-June-150Mercury Does the Backstroke

All of the Mercury retrogrades are in water signs this year and June’s retrograde takes place between June 26 and July 20 in the sign of Cancer—a little longer than a typical three-week retrograde. How does Mercury affect your money horoscope for June? It can’t be said too often that buying big-ticket items, especially electronics, during a retrograde is not a good idea. Chances are it will have to be returned for one reason or another. If travelling, spend the cash on preventative vehicle maintenance instead of having a costly repair happen while on the road. Generally the three days surrounding the beginning and end of a retrograde are most powerful, but the old saying should still apply throughout—“Caveat emptor” or “Let the buyer beware.”

Mercury retrograde is not all doom and gloom though, nor is it the only transit to watch this month. Read your Sun sign forecast to see what the planets have in store for you.  [keep reading …]

If you’d like to read the individual forecast(s) for your Sun and/or Rising Sign, click here.

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