Your Mother’s Day Horoscope

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Celebrating Moms

A mother by nature or nurture is a treasure to have and a person to celebrate.  Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide on different days and in different ways, but there’s no denying the universal love we all have for those we call Mother.

On the 11th and the 12th of May, Venus squares Neptune over the Mother’s Day weekend in the US, and while squares can usually be a little tense, this one just says to me that people who love you will be gushing with gifts and kisses. People with this aspect in their chart are typically very creative and often put others first. You might just receive a labor of love in the way of a framed photo or a bunch of hand-picked flowers and these are some of the best Mother’s Day gifts. …[click here] to read the rest of this article – the forecast for your individual Sun and/or rising sign.

And Happy Mother’s Day.

I’d like to share an article I wrote on back in 2008 – a tribute to my mom. (Please excuse the punctuation, etc. – it was five years ago) LOL. A Tribute to a Special Mom

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