Annular Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Eclipse – Another Word for Change

Annular Solar Eclipse Courtesy of NASA

Annular Solar Eclipse Courtesy of NASA

I don’t do well with change – well, after a change has happened, I’m usually pretty okay with it and wonder why I ever fussed about it in the first place, but it’s the initial pre-change period that gives me antsy jitters and makes me grit my teeth, even if it’s something I’m happy about. In three short words I can describe the feeling as “deer in headlights.”

However, as usual I will contradict my former statement by saying that I love eclipses and eclipses are all about change. They thrust us into situations under which we have no control and they forever change something about our lives. It all sounds very ominous to say it that way, but for the most part change is good and I feel like we should always welcome change with open arms. I try to practice what I preach, which is why I know how ridiculous that sounds – only because I know how hard it is to do – any therefore I know the feeling – the “deer in headlights” feeling you get just before something is about to happen. But I know also, for a fact, that when you embrace change with open arms and welcome it, it tends to come into your life a little smoother – it become easier to absorb it into our already existing situations – kind of like the Borg in Star Trek, it’s all about assimilation.

Where and What and Why and How?

I get the sense that I’ve made you worry about today’s rare annular solareclipse – but if you have that feeling, shake it off; it’s all good.


You won’t be able to see the eclipse if you’re in the US of A, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect you.  There’s a great map of it and more info on Time and Date – I refer to that site often for a whole host of stuff.


What, what?  What sign is it in?  Taurus.   Taurus is a lovely creative, finer-things-in-life kind of sign – that’s good.  What will happen to your sign?  Well, I plan on telling you in my next post, but don’t panic – 1) it’s all good (remember?); and 2) eclipses have long-term effects, so it’s not like things will change overnight (although, theoretically they could – they did for me, but more about that too later [deer in headlights?]).


Why is it rare?  Well first annual eclipses are beautiful, they form a ring of light that reminds me of a angel’s halo and Johnny Cash’s song … “burning ring of fire.”  But the reason it’s rare is because it’s in Taurus.  We haven’t seen a solar eclipse in Taurus for 19 years and it’s also an eclipse that falls in the middle of a three-eclipse cycle which is very rare.  We have a lunar eclipse coming up at the end of May, and we just had a lunar eclipse in April – eclipses usual travel in pairs – but yes, this time we get three.

There’s a lot of strange and special transits happening this year and this is certainly one of them.


Taken from Collins English Dictionary, this is how an Annular Solar Eclipse works:  “(Astronomy) an eclipse of the sun in which the moon does not cover the entire disc of the sun, so that a ring of sunlight surrounds the shadow of the moon.”  That is how the beautiful “ring of fire” forms.

The Moon and the Sun conjunct in Taurus.  This will effect most of us over the next six months to a year and it’s a refreshing feel after last month’s lunar eclipse.  I’ll tell you more about all of this later this week – No bull.


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