Eclipses and Wishes



Sometimes the magic of an eclipse isn’t felt right away – but we can use the time – this time at least – to wish upon an eclipse, if you will.  The universe does listen when we make our intentions known.  I did my little outdoor, wish on a star/eclipse this evening.  I can’t tell you my wishes, but I think it’s important to not be selfish with our wishes.  They are meant to be shared.  Not as in telling you what I wished for, but to share the intent … to want things for other people.

When I read all the responses to my article He’s Such a Jerk, But I Love Him (not on my blog, but on the article’s home at CP) I have to tell you that I was blown away.  I know I’ve said it before, but the comments just keep coming.  So many people are in unhappy relationships – some because they think they’d rather be in a crappy relationship than be alone.

I look at that now and I’m say, “Heeelllll no.”  But there was a time when I was pretty much in the same boat.  The fact that it rang so true in me was probably what sparked the same reaction in everyone who commented.  My heart really hurt, physically hurt after reading those comments.  And then I got angry.  And then I wasn’t sure how I felt, but I did know that when I felt the way they do now (a very long time ago) a part of me hoped for real help, for just one person to listen and build me up so I could take charge of my own destiny instead of thinking it was just lost.

So it’s for all those people that I make this wish:  I wish they’d each have one person to bolster them up and help them to know their worth.  I wish  that they’d wake up tomorrow and see in the mirror a glimpse of who they really are, apart from everyone else – how special they are.  I wish they’d find empowerment and strength and conviction and most of all, I wish them happiness – not from someone else – we can’t look to others to make us happy or to “complete” us, and we don’t need to because we’re already whole.

6 thoughts on “Eclipses and Wishes

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was just expected that you’d find someone to mentor you through your life journey? I think in some cultures the elders took on this role. But I became a life coach, a witness and spiritual companion for the very reasons you mention here, to be able to be able to help others build themselves up, recognize their own strengths and find courage to be free to be who they really are, not who they find they have become! I feel so passionately about this, thank you for putting your finger exactly on the point in such an eloquent manner!

    • Thank you so much – and thanks for visiting and spending some time here. I appreciate your comment and your compassion – I read your blog and yes, we’re on the same page – helping each other is really all it’s about. I liked your blog and will be following it. Keep up the fantastic work and enjoy the journey.

      • meant to say – the weird part is that the blue swirl in your logo (which I love) has been a recurring pattern in my life since I was a kid, mostly in dreams. 🙂

      • That swirl has been around for millennia, I believe. It’s represented on rock art and other ways in numerous cultures around the world. It is charged with the energy of the symbolism people have given it, and I wonder what aspect your dreams were connecting to. I wouldn’t be surprised if, giving yourself a chance to explore it, you have an inkling of it!

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