Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon - Scorpio

Photo by LJ Innes

April 25 – Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon partial lunar eclipse will conjunct karmic Saturn today, which say a lot.  Eclipses are already life altering events and the time between them is quite simply magic – which is where we’ll be right after this eclipse since there are two more eclipses in May – the first on May 10 is a New Moon solar eclipse in Taurus and one on May 25 which is a Full Moon lunar eclipse in  Sagittarius.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Eclipse and Saturn

Since the eclipse is linked with karmic Saturn this time around, I can tell you what it means for all of us.  Over the next 6 months and possibly up to a year, you have to find balance in the area of your chart that the eclipse touches.

For instance – for me, I have to balance between work and play –  ease up on the workaholic tendencies I have.  I do tend to hunker down and get lost in my laptop, but I’ve also learned that if I’m doing that all the time, I’m not really experiencing life – and how can I write about life if I’m not living it?  Saturn teaches us lessons and when it’s conjunct an eclipse it’s serious stuff.

I’d like to talk about balance more in the coming weeks – it seems to be the major theme of the year in so many transits.

Also, I’ll get into explaining houses in depth in another entry.  We have time – we’ve got the next six months.

What the Day will be Like

As for the day itself – tomorrow will be a bit “in your face” due to the Moon and Saturn being in direct opposition to the Sun, Venus and Mars.  This week, all three of those planets move into Taurus.  Just hold on to your hat, keep your cool and all will be fine.  Don’t let little upsets become big problems.

Have a good day (and a good night – it’s a Scorpio moon, and that always makes people want to get a little “cozy,” if ya’ know what I mean).

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