Date and Love a Taurus

The Passionate Bull

There’s only one way to win Taurus’ favor and that is by just being you. The bull can spot a phony as if they were a toreador waving a red flag, only instead of charging towards that person, they’ll run in the other direction. Taureans are no more stubborn and bullheaded than anyone else; they can actually be quite flexible if they choose to be.

Dating a Taurus

The bull in a china shop story is a myth, for a Taurus would never be found in any old china shop, unless it was exquisitely exclusive and carried only top-of-the-line china. However, if their pocketbooks don’t match their taste, they do adapt easily to living within their means. Yes, they have impeccable taste and that is especially true when it comes to finding a date or a mate. Actually they’d only date someone they saw as a potential mate since they do not go for frivolity they enter relationships with the hope that they’ve chosen well so that their dreams of “together forever” will come true.

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This is my 2013  version of Date and Love a Taurus – the other day I gave you a link to my 2012 D&L a Taurus.  They’re a little different in the information they provide, so if you ‘d like to read Date and Love a Taurus – the 2012 version, click here.

2 thoughts on “Date and Love a Taurus

  1. I love the title “The Passionate Bull.” As a Taurus, I think I am also a patient bull. I may wreak havoc in the china shop, but I will calm down and wait for the right mate. My lovers may be coy, but passionate. If you know how to arouse a bull, he will eventually love you silly

    • Bulls are very passionate. Glad you agree. As a Cancer I wouldn’t mind having a bull in my china shop 🙂 – Water and Earth signs are compatible. Thanks for liking my articles. Stop by again.

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