Your Pluto Retrograde Horoscope

Time for an Internal Makeover

pluto retrograde oaNow that we’ve started the astrological new year, the Pluto retrograde in Capricorn from April 12 through September 20 is the perfect time for an internal makeover. Pluto rules transformation and the underworld, representing our habits, motivations, internal triggers and even relationships. It’s about changes on a big scale. If some past behavior seems outmoded or outdated, it probably is. A Uranus-Pluto square occurs in May that will really kick this transit off. Remember, this is an internal journey; it’s all about you. Pluto retrograde in the traditional earth sign, Capricorn, says, “If it no longer works to our betterment, it’s time to let it go and step into the future.”

Click Here – to read the Pluto Retrograde Horoscope for your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs.  (Clicking the “click here” will take you to my article’s home on California )

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5 thoughts on “Your Pluto Retrograde Horoscope

    • Pluto’s been stationary for a while so I’m sure you have been feeling it – I have for sure. Remember, it’s all good. Thanks for stopping by. (Can’t wait to read your book this weekend 🙂 )

    • I was hoping to read your book over last weekend – you know how life goes – but I revel in the unexpected and spontaneous – having said that, if I say I have absolutely no intentions of reading anything this weekend, maybe it will actually happen LOL. As soon as I do though, I’ll tell what my thoughts are – actually can’t wait (but I didn’t say that – because then it won’t happen) LOL hope things are going well.

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