Will (Today’s) Venus-Mars Conjunction Enhance Love?

venus mars conjunctionReady for Love

Venus and Mars will form a rare conjunction in Aries on April 6. The forecast here is the same for all—if you’re single, you may finally find true love; if you’re attached, love can grow deeper and stronger. Generally speaking, conjunctions are strong. They mingle and magnify energies and intensify the moment.

Whether or not you love mythology, the tale of Venus and Mars is well known as a clandestine love affair, and the two lovers have come to represent the yin and yang of love throughout the ages. These two lovers conjunct approximately every two years, depending on retrogrades and normal cycles. Suffice it to say, it’s a fairly rare and auspicious event that signals love in the air.

To read about the affects of Venus and Mars in the same sign as revolution Uranus and the implications the Venus-Mars conjunction has on your love life … click here.

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