Setting Your Own Moral Compass

Living Life on Your Own Terms

When we grow up, one of the first big lessons of life that we learn is the difference between right and wrong. As children we learn this from our family and peers based on their opinions, perceptions, reactions, experiences and how they handle certain situations. All of them affect our moral compass.

How many times have you found yourself saying, “Oh my goodness, did I just say that?” or “I totally just sounded like my mother.” Even the most self-aware person can unknowingly internalize another’s moral compass as his/her own, causing them to react as others might instead of how they really feel based on their own moral compass.

Psychology Today suggests that whenever you catch yourself saying something that makes you stop and say, “Why did I just say that?” it’s something to pay attention to. You’re most likely projecting old emotions on new situations and this may even cause you physical discomfort if you’re really paying attention. [Want to read more … click here]

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