Mercury Retrograde is Over

Breathe a sigh of relief.

The shift happened at around 2pm (right now) EDST. You may not feel it for a day or two or three or four – or maybe you feel it already – when Mercury retrograde ends it’s palpable. The weight is lifted, things happen more smoothly, with less bumps in the road. The brakes are on and soon it’ll be stationary and gear up to move forward – it does take time.  (This is all theoretical of course because planets don’t go literally in reverse, but you know that.)  But Mercury retrograde is no joke, that’s for sure.  Sometimes we feel more than others, sometimes not at all – I hope you were one of the lucky ones.  Speaking of luck – and four-leaf clovers …

St. Patrick’s Day
Since it’s Sunday and St. Patty’s Day, a lot of us (myself included) will be eating cabbage, potatoes, and corned beef. I never really knew what corned beef meant, and I’m not sure I really want the info on that – suffice it to say it’s good, really good. As a kid, however, I hated it. I hated the smell in the house, I just was miserable all day – I’ll admit it. Now, I not only enjoy it, but it also brings back fond memories – because even though I was being a total brat, I had my family with me. My older brothers teasing me, my mother protecting me and my father somewhat excitedly wondering when dinner would be ready. Or being at my grandmother’s house with all of my aunts and cousins and my grandparents.  Cancer is the sign of home and the Moon is “at home” in Cancer …

The Moon

Ooops … The Moon will remain in Gemini until 3/19 at 3pm (not leaving Gemini today as I originally posted) – all I can say is it’s Sunday and my brain is on holiday.  Sorry – but after the Moon leaves social Gemini, on Tuesday afternoon, then you’ll want to stick around the house for a few days.  It was an easy mistake for me to make … I always love being home … why?  I’m a Cancer.

Rest up, because spring is about to be sprung. More on that later. For now, let’s just enjoy the day.

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