Moon in Taurus

Enjoy a Peaceful, Relaxing Day

The Moon is in Taurus all day – small practical matters crop up and we can handle them at our own pace and get it all done, but it’s also a day to try to relax a little and unwind when possible.  Doing things that require us to act quickly and unexpectedly are not favored.

Having said that … here’s how my morning went.

The morning started out as usual – up at 7/7:30, no alarm.  I stretched my wounded Achilles tendon and the resulting off-kilter knee before I stood up and went downstairs to make coffee. The night before, my roommate had told me to wake her if she wasn’t up by 7:30 because she had to go to work.  She had also said her hubby, my other roomie, was working today – he’s a carpenter.  We all work freelance jobs, so this is a house with no set schedule.  Day jobs, night jobs, weekends, you just never know – when work comes in the three of us are on the same page, take the job and as Larry the Cable Guy would say, “get ‘er done.”

Upon opening the door to my upstairs room I saw Chubbs.  His real name is MC, but we call him many names – Chubzulli, Chubzilla, Chubzulius – he’s a mutt of many personalities, cuddly, cute, mischievous, demanding, etc., and so we have a name for each personality.  He immediately got excited.  I greeted him unenthusiastically because I knew he’d be barking while I tried to make coffee, and he would be annoying.  At the bottom of the stairs, Nena, the ever-faithful German Shepherd sat with her tail pounding excitedly against the wall – thump, thump, thump.  I could tell by the way they bit each other and played and wiggled their butts excitedly that they wanted to go out.  South Carolina’s pretty warm, but not in March at 7:30 am before the sun is high.

I couldn’t see if my roommate’s car was missing through the blinds.  Her husband’s truck was gone.  I went to her room and on the way down the hall, I noticed the dryer was on.  Someone must be home, I thought.  I saw a pile of blankets on the bed that resembled a person.  I gently put my hand on the blanket and shook it saying, “Wake up Trace.”  It was a pile of blankets and nothing more.   I realized at that moment that I was going to have to take the dogs out.  I called my roommate and she said that Mark was just picking up something and he was on his way back.  A sigh of relief came over me.  I’d put them out and he’d come home, simple.

They waited patiently, to my surprise, as I made my coffee – the earth doesn’t start turning on its axis until I smell coffee brewing; they know that by now – everyone knows that. They can bark and jump, but nothing happens until my little human hands turn that door knob.  I dreaded having to go upstairs again to get my jacket and flip flops just to let them out.  Already I could feel the water building up in my wounded knee – the knee I swore I’d stay off of today, and my ankle was surprisingly better, but not perfect.

I know how it feels to have to pee and not be able to – it sucks, and I doubt if I was Nena’s age (about 77 in dog years) that I would be able to hold it as well as she does.  I finished assembling the coffee in the coffee maker; I plugged it in and decided I wanted my favorite coffee cup which was in the dishwasher, unwashed.  I opened the dishwasher and immediately got buzzed.  Someone must have emptied their vodka drink from last night right in the dishwasher before they went to bed.  Oh my; that was not fun.  I then wondered how alcoholics could like that smell first thing in the morning.  I love my martinis too, but I’m not a big drinker for the most part.  I was not expecting that.  I washed the coffee cup in the sink and put it on the counter before I went upstairs to get my jacket while the coffee brewed.

They waited by the door – ready to go.  First Nena – no chain; she listens.  Then Chubbs, hooked up to his chain like a felon – he is a felon.  If he were left to roam free, we’d probably find him miles down the road on some farm, ignoring pleas to get in the car.  It’s a game he loves to play.  He pokes his head in your passenger side, then pulls out and takes off running again.  He thinks he’s funny.  He’s not.  Well, yeah, he is, but he’s also annoying.  We can’t figure out how he gets off of that chain, but every once in a while, he manages to escape.

Nena did her biz and Chubbs remained outside on his chain.  He knows he wants to come in and eat breakfast, but when he’s outside he’s in charge.  One, he’s all muscle and he weighs a ton, two he runs fast for a Chubbs, and three, he’s connected to a zip line that could knock you on your ass if he decides to run away from you – or worse, it wraps around your ankle, cutting off circulation as he continues to pull and pull.  Injured as I am, I decided he’d come up to the door when he was ready.  Nena was already impatient she wanted to eat.  I sipped my coffee, and sighed.

I peeked outside and saw the line was limp.  “Oh no!”  I ran back upstairs and got my keys, my pocketbook, ran downstairs to the garage and got some Milkbones and took off down the driveway in my car.  “Shit, shit, Chubdini” I yelled as I pounded the steering wheel.  When I got to the end of the driveway, Mark pulled up in his truck.  He said “I got him.”  “Thank God,” I said.

I got out of my car in my morning fashion – PJ bottoms, a t-shirt, a jean jacket and flip flops.  It’s about 40 degrees outside if we’re lucky.  My cup of coffee was now sitting waiting for me on the counter – cold.  I took it upstairs and closed my door.

I resolved to stay up there all day, knowing that the bathroom, kitchen and exits were all downstairs – impossible, but I can dream, can’t I?  I have articles to write and calls to make – first I need to re-set my mood from annoyed to enthusiastic.  Good luck.  My good night’s sleep was gone, my blood pressure was up and I didn’t even have my contacts in yet. I needed to meditate.

So that, my friends was my morning so far.  It’s 9:30 now and the whole day is ahead of me.  I hope you have a better start to your day, but in case you don’t, write down what happens to you and you’ll probably see some humor in it.

Now you can see why I follow the stars.  The Taurus Moon requires us to have patience.  Somehow while panicking this morning, I knew inside, it would eventually all work out – yet the urgency of the moment had my full attention.  I was not pleased at having to rush out the door or about having to leave my coffee behind.  But now that I’m in the safe, warm security of my room, I’m taking the Taurus approach and enjoying the comforts of home while I work.

Mark is sick, so he went back to bed and thankfully, the puppies followed him.  Peace at last.  I love those dogs, but I love them better when their parents are home.  I hope you have a great day – and try to relax when possible; you’ll enjoy it.

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