Astrology: Is it True Love or a Fling?

Astrology Knows the Difference

When love comes in the door, reasoning and reality can sometimes fly out the window. Luckily, astrology is always there. While we’re busy kissing princes and butterflies are flittering about and the birds are singing, you can just feel it—you’re in love—but is it meant to last?

You know that if you truly want to enjoy that full-on feeling of “safe and secure” you’ve got to be sure if it’s true love or a fling. Astrology can tell in many different ways if you’re compatible forever or just for now. In either case, you’ll have your answer.

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Venus and Mars – The Lovers

Venus and Mars would do well in the 21st century, perhaps writing a love column—they have insight into what we want, what we like and they joyfully point us in the direction of the one who really “does it” for us. They know a fling from the … [keep reading]

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