Goodnight Moon

New Moon in Pisces

Sleepy, dreamy, fantasy-driven Pisces

With so many planets in Pisces at the moment, some of us feel like we’re living in a dreamstate.  With the added New Moon in Pisces today we’re all winding down from the weekend and it’s a good time to start something new (after you rest for a day – give your brain and your body a break today when possible).  New Moons are generally a time of new beginnings but the Pisces New Moon this time around is telling us to float in the Piscean pool for a bit and recharge – There is a lot of upcoming Aries energy in the stars and when we switch from Pisces to Aries, it can be quite a jolt to the mind-body-soul.  Pisces is the last sign in the lineup of the zodiac and it is therefore full of all the little bits and pieces of all the other signs – it can be an overload of emotion and playfulness and daydreaming and a mish-mosh between wanting to have fun and dealing with responsibilities we can’t put down.  Give yourself a break and go with the flow tonight.  Let the waves of relaxation take over your day at some point – and you’ll see what I mean.  Meditation, soft music, comfortable clothes and a few hugs is all that should be on tap for you tonight.  I should say that indulgences in booze and/or any “mood altering” substances will be amplified tonight, so if you must indulge, it would be preferable to do it in the comfort of your own home.

Forget the GPS

Besides, the Moon will be “void of course” as they say, between about 4 pm EST today and 7 am EST tomorrow – it’s never a good time to start something (even during a New Moon phase) as little may come of it. So while today may have been a good time to implement something at work, after 4pm you should just pack it up and give it a rest.

Hopefully though, the one thing you can start under this influence is a better sleep schedule – early to bed, early to rise – we need sleep to recharge and to reset hormonal imbalances – sleep helps our bodies cool down which is a necessary and natural process.  Our brain, our bodies all benefit from a good night’s sleep.

Aries Moon – Waxing

After 7:17 am on Tuesday the Moon will be in Aries – look for an increase in intiative, courage and energy – (see?  told you you’d need a rest).  The Moon will slowly be increasing in light (waxing) – expand your interests beyond the normal boundaries.

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