Chakra Balancing for Spiritual Health

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy fields. There are hundreds of chakras throughout the body, but the seven main chakras are the keys to infusing the body with good energy and providing overall spiritual health. Each of these chakras governs a particular part of the body/mind/spirit cocktail, and when you balance them, you are left with an overall feeling of well-being.

Each chakra (or wheel of energy) is depicted as a flower of a specific color that can be opened or closed off. The Root Chakra is the first area of concentration. The Crown Chakra, most associated with your universal connection and spiritual health, is the last of the seven chakras.

The Seven Chakras

Here is a list of each of the seven main chakras. We have included the color, location on your body and the qualities most associated with them:

The Root Chakra (1st) – Color: Red – Location: Base of the spine and just below it – Quality: Life force [click here to continue]

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    • Thanks. I am a big lover of chakra meditation and balancing. It makes you feel amazing. Thanks for the comment and I loved your blog too – I followed your blog and look forward to reading your posts. (is it really 1:30am?!) ciao for now.

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