Your 2013 Mercury Retrograde Forecast

2013 Mercury Retrograde Forecast by Sign

This year there are three Mercury retrogrades, and they all happen in water signs. The first Mercury retrograde of 2013 is in Pisces, and it begins on February 23, lasting through March 17. Use this time to stop and review what’s going on in your life, and then move forward again once Mercury goes direct.

Mercury retrogrades, and most notably the days surrounding the beginning and end of them, also advise against unplanned, last-minute travel plans, as there could be delays or lost luggage; buying expensive or computerized gadgets as you might have to return them; and warns you to pay extra attention to mechanical property, such as your car. Don’t just gas and go. Check the tires, oil, wipers, et cetera first. Mercury rules commerce and communication, so your words may not come across the way you’d like or you may convey the wrong message altogether.  [click here to keep reading]

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