The Weekend Astro Forecast


Year of the Snake – © rchicano –

A Weekend of Beauty and Celebration

Saturday – February 9 – New Moon in Aquarius

Ah, there’s a lovely, creative New Moon in Aquarius tonight.  Every sign gets their chance at a New Moon in their sign – and Aquarians should be able to set a new course for themselves if they choose.  For the rest of us, the Aquarian new moon can bring out our creative side; Aquarians can be very innovative decorators and creators of their own unique environments.

This New Moon conjuncts Venus almost exact (within a degree) (there are 30 degrees to each sign – it’s how we tell if they’re moving forward or they’re in retrograde).  Venus just adds to the beauty of your environment.  You may find yourself adding accessories to you home and wardrobe that make them uniquely yours.  Be adventurous, try something new today – you just might like it.

Sunday – February 10 – Chinese New Year, Year of the Snake

It’s Chinese New Year – the Year of the Snake (Year 4710) – Usually the Chinese New Year coincides with the year’s first New Moon in Aquarius – but as we follow a Sun calendar and Asian astrology follows the moon, it appears – as is likely – that we would be one day off.  But no matter, it’s the weekend and a time for celebration.

Venus squares Saturn today – if you’re creatively engaged, writing or otherwise on the world wide web or just on your computer, be sure to back up your files so any “interuptions” don’t cause you to lose your work.  As my mom used to say – “better safe than sorry.”

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