When Mercury Meets Pisces

Hello Bloggers, Readers and Astro-Lovers:

Yesterday, Mars conjunct (joined) Neptune in Pisces, bringing out the side of us that like to help people.  Being paid for what you do is exceptional, but sometimes it feels even more rewarding to help people just for the sake of helping people.  The smile on their face or the appreciation they extend is far more valuable than a President’s picture on paper.  Besides, a generous spirit that touches others is like a ripple in water – it starts from the center (of your heart) and ripples out in waves reaching far and wide – as it extends out, the ripples grow larger, touching everyone and everything in their path.  Even though the actual conjunction happened yesterday, that rule could apply to our everyday life.  Besides, there’s more going on in sensitive Pisces.

Tuesday – February 5th

Mercury, the communication planet, enters sensitive Pisces today.  It’s angle to lucky Jupiter is a good one, bringing luck and joy to all of our most heartfelt endeavors, opening up communications on a deeper level and making us more likely to share the more spiritual side of ourselves with others.  Did you know that in the “old astrology” Jupiter was Pisces ruler – that only makes it more receptive to the idea of helping others just for the sake of helping and not doing it merely for a returned favor or monetary compensation.  Share what you know.  Be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, especially those who seek out our wisdom.  People will be receptive.

Mercury in Pisces puts us in tune with the universe and shows us that when we rush through life, we often miss a lot of what it has to offer.  This transit will help you to take time to smell the roses and embrace the small stuff that really is the big stuff  – the stuff we sometimes take for granted.

And how long will this lovely transit last?  Until April 13 – almost two and half full months, which is awesome.  Even more awesome, the whole time that communication with Jupiter in Gemini, the planet of luck and prosperity, will hold strong.  When Mercury and Jupiter form this great angle, it’s enough to make anyone happy – because giving of ourselves freely can actually turn into a new path or lead into a lucrative endeavor down the road.  If you’re a marketer, give away something for free – If you love to read, go read to a child’s class or to people in nursing homes.  Give without thought of what may come of it – give with an open heart, and the universe will return the favor.


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