4 Ways to Stop Money Woes

Money is Like a Relationship

In many ways money is like a relationship—having it can bring us joy and lack of it can bring us sadness. Sometimes we feel like we can never get enough and other times we tire of having to deal with the problems and responsibilities that come with it. When we’re in a bad relationship with money and we’re not happy, sometimes we don’t always see a way out, but there are ways to fix your relationship with money. Here are 4 ways to stop your money woes—two to get practical and two to get practicing:

1. Get Entrepreneurial

Got a hobby or passion? Turn it into extra income. We’re in the age of the Internet, so selling things online is accessible to everyone. Sell your crafts, your photos, even your knowledge or advice online. Even if you can’t build a website, there are tons of niche … [keep reading]

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