Your Money Forecast for 2013

How Will the Planets Affect You in 2013?

Though your money forecast for 2013 will be slightly different from someone else’s, there will be overall planetary movements that affect us all. Finances can come and go through many avenues. There are clues in the stars to guide us—Venus transits through the houses, Jupiter’s luck and expansion, Mercury retrogrades and, of course, eclipses that bring change through external forces. Also, planets in your work or career houses will affect your money forecast, so be aware.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion has been in Gemini since June 2012 and will remain until June 2013. Jupiter in Gemini brings luck through publications and communications in all forms. In June 2013, it will move into Cancer and making money from your home-base is favored, even as extra income. Jupiter conjuncts the Sun once a year, and this year that lucky day falls on June 19; this is the day to buy a lottery ticket.

Let’s focus on financial highlights for your Sun sign and rising sign. You should read both for a well-rounded view of your money forecast for 2013.  [click here to read the Money Forecast your Sun sign]

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