Signals from the Universe

Recognizing the Signs We’re Sent

We are being sent signals all the time – Signals we can trust, signals we should listen to, signals from the universe.

I want to tell you that you can trust them, just because innately I believe and I know that that is true – whether it comes from angels, guides, relatives or heaven itself, I can’t really say for sure – maybe it’s a mixture of all of those things – I don’t think the same rules of physics as we understand them apply to the dimensions beyond this reality.

As an intuitive person, there are things that I just “know” – there’s something in the information signals I receive where I can perceive whether they are true or not – or in some cases divinely sent messages.

I knew today that I wanted to get up and start working on this assignment I have.  I have a pretty good handle on it and I have all I need at my fingertips to create – but I’m distracted.  I check my email as I drink my first cup of coffee and I get an email from a famous guru, Eben Pagan, and it’s all about time management.  I watch the free movie/ad and take notes – he always has something useful to impart, even in his free content.  I know that in order to really enjoy my writing life and personal life betterI need to manage my time better – it’s something I’ve been thinking of as a New Year’s resolution, and here it was like a signal from the universe.

Ironically, my best work buddy (aka the television) is also my biggest distraction sometimes, but as the episode of Bones is on in my background, I can’t help but hearing that nagging sort of voice in my head telling me, “watch this, watch this.”  I’m somewhat clairaudient I guess you’d call it – and while I don’t often get messages through the television, I do listen to that nagging sort of voice when it says “watch this, listen to this …” – I listened.  I’ve learned to trust that voice and I feel bad calling it a nagging voice, but it’s the best way I can describe it – maybe persistent would be a better choice.

After you start to trust that there’s some validity to all this hearing and feeling and you are sure that you’re not actually losing your mind and that the things you feel and hear can have real meaning, it becomes a part of your instinct and then you learn to trust your instinct even more than before.

I rewind the show to a point that looks interesting and I hear …

“I will show you fear in a handful of dust.  We don’t actually fear death, we fear that no one will notice our absence, that we will disappear without a trace.”

A quote from T.S. Eliot, one of the master communicators of all time.  I’ve been thinking about this lately.  Does my work have meaning – do the things I write ever really help people – I hope so.  When I’m gone, what will I leave behind beyond just a memory?

Emily Deschanel, a/k/a as “Bones,” later says, “Some people are very adept at keeping their pain hidden.”  The episode is “The Doctor in the Photo” – about the death of a Dr. Laura Eames.  The similarity in our names is not shocking to me.  My name is Laurie, and I was named after a Laura, my cousin, my last name you know.  It was like someone telling me to pay attention.

The security guard was like Bones’ guardian angel or some inhabitant of some subdivision of divinity, but they never say that in the show – in the show, he’s just the night watchman.  His name is “Micah” – Michael the Arc Angel, I wonder – or is it just to remind me that these messages can come from our angels?

And there it was.  As Micah was imparting some of his wisdom learned through a lecture he’d attended (one of many, apparently) he says,

“There’s no such thing as objectivity … that we’re all just interpreting signals from the Universe and trying to make sense of them.”

“Signals from the Universe,” Bones says in agreement.

“ … dim, shaky, weak, staticy little signals that only hint at the complexity of a universe that we cannot begin to comprehend….”

Wow.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that it was delivered by one of my favorite actors, Enrico Colantoni, who was also Veronica’s father in the show, “Veronica Mars.”  He was perfect for the part.

Going with the flow – I continued delving into my diversions – well aware of the assignment I had just printed out that was waiting for me.  I looked for more messages.  I was begging for them.  I need direction more than I need to meet a deadline – frankly I’m scattered and a little bit scared lately as to what my next direction should be.  What type of work should I really be doing?  Copywriting, articles, should I be working on my websites, posting to my blog, answering important emails – I’m overwhelmed and under-focused and I wish I could just twinkle my nose like Samantha Stevens and make it all just happen, leaving me free time to daydream and tune-out some more.  But that’s a luxury I will only lend myself for the next couple of hours – I work better in the middle of the night anyway when the Sun is down, and the neighborhood’s quiet.  Anyway …

Looking for more, I remember it’s the 2nd of January and I go to one of my favorite sites for an astrological perspective on the month –  Susan Miller is an excellent astrologer and I don’t always agree with her interpretation of the stars, but I do admire her and respect her.  Plus she’s a New Yorker like me, so there’s sisterly feel there mingled in with bit of professional envy – dare I admit it.

Knowing just a little bit about astrology myself, I always read my Sun sign and rising sign.  That’s one thing that both Susan and I agree on.  She notes in my Sun sign forecast something I noticed myself while looking at my own chart (we agree again) Saturn is making me very aware of the passage of time – that is most certainly true.  It’s also something that scares me for the first time in a way it’s never startled me before.  Luckily a five-planet pile up at month’s end in my rising sign, Capricorn, will be sure to keep my eye on the assignment side of life – I may get sidetracked from work, but I never ignore it – and when I’m in it, I give it my all.

I have so much to do, but all I can do is really be reflective and distracted at the moment.  It’s annoying, yet somehow I know it’s important – I must pay attention to the message I’m getting.  The reason?  Because that’s what I’m supposed to share with you.  I want to help you to listen to those “signals from the universe.”

Keeping in line with my “day of distraction,” I pull a tarot card:

The Chariot or “Le Chariot,” I can hear my friend Mary Brien saying.  She taught me how to read many years ago.  First she would say the name of the card and then she would dissect the picture – “What do you see in this card,” she would ask.  She meant not just the picture on the card, but how the card felt itself, and I knew that – Mary had a way of communicating that I clicked with – it was beyond words.

And so The Chariot is all about drive and determination – creating and sticking to goals – carrying on despite all that surrounds you.  Wow, there is a lot surrounding me right now and I do have a big job I need to work on.  Meaning – it’s time to get back on the chariot and get back to work now.  Write your blog and get on to your assignment.

Signals come from the universe all the time – I’ve shared just a little part of my day with you to emphasize the importance of being aware and being open to them – not everything is a message, but some things are.  When we have moments of “coincidence,” when we have a “wow, I was just thinking that” moment, those are just a few of the times when we should sit up and pay attention.  The universe is  trying to help us all the time, and like I said – it could be your angels, your guides, family members that stop by for a visit – and maybe it’s all one big mix of messages trying to tell you the same thing – they’re just trying to get you to listen.

When this happens to you – and it will, pay attention and see if they were right, if their guidance helped you.  And if you listen, if what they tell you helps you in some way remember to thank them and appreciate them – invite more guidance into your life.

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