Happy Merry Chrismakwanika!

The Christmas Quandry

What is it about this time of year that makes everyone so giddy?  Two words: childhood memories.  If they were good, we long to recreate those exhilerating, fun-filled days – and if they weren’t so good, we try to make up for what we may have missed.  Either way, whatever holiday you celebrate – I wish you a Happy Merry Chrismakwanika.

As for the Merry Christmas quandry, where everyone is afraid to say what they mean, just say it – if your friends love you, they won’t be taken aback when you wish them Merry Christmas, it is just a sign of affection to wish someone to be Merry.  I made up Chrismakwanika, although I didn’t really do the usual fact-checking to make sure I had really coined the phrase, but I’m pretty confident on this one.  At least Chrismakwanika covers the a number of holiday choices – so feel free to use it if it makes you more comfortable – me, personally, I’m a Merry Christmas girl.  So Merry Christmas.  Of course if you didn’t celebrate Christmas and I knew it, I’d make it a point to say whatever was appropriate, but if I’m just passing by and someone says “Happy Holidays,” I respond with Merry Christmas because it  has meaning for me.  It’s the one heart-felt thing I could say and really mean in response to Happy Holidays.

Want and Need

So girls talk.  We’ve all confessed to each other now and again how we find exactly what we want at Christmas while shopping for others.  Guys I think just go ahead and buy what they want because Christmas is the only time they find themselves in the malls.  Women shop all the time, so why now do we suddenly decide that we need more stuff.  When my friends do this it burns me up because it’s usually something I would have gotten them and then I punish them with some crappy present – no just kidding.

The one thing I’ll remind everyone of, because I’ve been there myself, is to leave the credit cards at home.  If you don’t have cash, get creative.  I had a few people that I wanted to give a little something to this year but didn’t really want to spend the money (mostly because it didn’t exist) LOL.  I bought two ivy plants and two small terracotta pots and bottoms for them.  I painted and decorated the pots for Christmas and put the plants in them in their original plastic mini pot, surrounded them with pretty tissue paper – and they look like a million bucks.  I spent under $10 and have two very cute, personally made gifts.

Knowing your financial limitations at this time of year is nothing to be ashamed of – you should actually be proud of yourself for being so aware and so savvy.  Have fun making creative things and don’t have the credit card blues afterwards; it’ll make you hate the holiday eventually.  And don’t buy things for yourself.  Wait and see if you get what you really want or save up to get it after Christmas when it’s 50 percent off.

Thanks and Merry Christmas – oh err … I mean Chrismakwanika

Thanks to all my subscribers, occassional visitors and new visitors.  This year there will be some important changes to my blog, but that’s next year (or next week) – in the meantime, I’m taking a very needed weekend off from blogging, shopping and just going outside to breath fresh air and pretend that nothing is looming over me like work and you should do the same.  Enjoy the holiday – and Merry Christmas.

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