Thankful for a lot

I’m thankful for so much … a family that I love and loves me and who make me laugh – laughing is the best feeling (and it’s good for your abs);

I’m thankful for my friends old and new (who also make me laugh) and make me wish that I had more time to play and forget the about being a grown-up;

And speaking of my family and friends … I’m thankful for their furry friends a/k/a pets who really make me laugh … and offer unconditional love;

I’m thankful for all the people who read my articles and appreciate them – I do it because I love it, but it’s nice that other people “get me” and like my style;

I’m thankful for all the opportunities that have unfolded in my life over the last few years, allowing me to re-invent myself and help me get “un-stuck” – it’s never too late do all you can to be all your want to be – I’m definitely thankful for all the angels who have carried me through.

And speaking of opportunities – I’m very thankful to who has kept me quite busy writing lately – so busy in fact that while working on one project, I didn’t notice all of the articles I had written recently that have been published one after the other … so I’m going to blame that chemical that is naturally found in turkey that makes us tired and lazy (like in the Seinfeld episode with the Easy-Bake Oven) – tryptophan? – and just list those articles below with links, since posting each one separately would take more energy than I’m currently able to muster – here’s links to all of my November articles on  Please feel free to share then and/or “like” them – your feedback is important to me (and it makes the editors happy too – we like keeping the editors happy).  Enjoy your weekend … enjoy a little reading and enjoy your leftovers, if you have any.

Oh, and even though I will be working today when so many people have off from work – I’m still thankful to be able to work at home writing barefoot in my yoga pants, sittiing on my down comforter beneath me and a ceiling fan above me … life is good, really good.  Thank you everyone 🙂

Your Thanksgiving Forecast – (oops, a little late but still relevant)

Date and Love a Sagittarius – (this is going to be the last in this series – but I might continue it on my own on my blog)

Yes, Mom, I’m Still Single – (if you’re visiting family over this holiday weekend – this is a must read – nothing’s funnier than the truth)

Change Your Sex Karma – (are you in love or lust … your sex karma is a powerful force and not so easy to resist)

Change Your Career Karma – (stuck in an employment rut?  shake it up and change your career karma)

Games Single People Play – (you may be a game player and not even know it – it’s all part of the dating dance and there’s nothing wrong with it)

Astrology: Neptune Reveals Your Dreams – (what’s up with you and your Sun sign now that Neptune is in direct motion again?)

Your 30-Day Money Forecast – Nov 10-Dec 10, 2012 – (find out what your Sun sign and Rising sign have in store for you and your finances)

This should keep you busy for a while – thanks for stopping by – hope to see you here again soon.

LJ Innes

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