Date and Love a Scorpio

Are You and Scorpio a Match?

While Scorpio would be fine dating just about every sign in the zodiac and they probably wouldn’t mind getting intimate with any of them either, when it comes to a solid relationship they require more depth than a 14-inch mattress.

If you date or love the intuitive Scorpio, you will soon find out that Scorpios go deep in the emotion department. In order for them to be sure that you’re relationship material they may push your buttons once they’ve figured them out, just to see how feisty you can be. That may seem sneaky to some, but until they’ve seen all of you they won’t feel comfortable showing all of themselves, and they want to.

Click here to find out your compatibility with the zodiac’s sexiest, most mysterious sign.

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Oh and here’s a link to my Scorpio article from 2011 – click here

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