Secrets of the Seven Chakras

Understanding Your Energetic System

Are you ready to open up and clear blockages and bad energy, allowing more room for good energy? Learning the secrets of the seven chakras will empower you to feel your best, mind, body and soul. The seven chakras contain a wellspring of energy and revitalization that can heal, empower and enlighten.

The Wheels

The word chakra is Sanskrit for “disk” or “wheel,” and it’s within the seven chakra wheels where mind and body meet. Armed with even just the most basic knowledge of chakra cleansing or chakra meditation you can reap the benefits of good health, free-flowing energy and overall well-being. Chakras are all connected—if one is out of balance, all of the others can be affected. Like any art, there are paths that take you deeper into the forest of knowledge. The further you delve into the secrets of the seven chakras, the more benefit you will derive.  [keep reading]

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