New Moon Mover

Hi Bloggers – Well, I finally decided that I was going to move.  So if you’ve wondered why my posts have been sporadic, it’s because I’m spending so much time not just rifling through years of collected crap, giving away clothes, etc. I’ve also been spending time with my friends and family in person and on the phone.  It’s taken me so much longer to get this far than I ever imagined, but slowly it’s all coming together.  Last week my cuz and I went on our annual trip to upstate New York and since I’m also battling a pulled/strained achilles tendon, all the lifting and driving and just walking has taken its toll – I’m starting to wonder if I’ve bitten on more than I can chew, but there’s no turning back now … always keep it moving forward I say.  It would help me immensely if I wasn’t injured but I’m doing my best.  But today, it just doesn’t seem written in the cards for me to get anything done.  Everytime I start, someone calls with an emergency or I have to run outside for something and then I come back in and look around and say “where was I?”

I’ll be moving during the New Moon in October and what do I always say about New Moons?  That they’re new beginnings.  Part of the excitement is the unknown, and part of my doubt stems from my attachment to my family.  I feel like I’m leaving everyone I know, but circumstances call for a change and people move on with their lives and manage to stay in touch just fine.  This is one of those times when you get little “signs” or reminders from the Universe that it’s okay – My friend from Long Island just called, right after my friend from Oklahoma called – meanwhile I was getting a text from Chicago and one from Vermont.  It just reiterated to me that in these days of modern technology, no one is ever further away than a phone call or a skype session.  Thanks to my guides and angels, who never let me forget that I’m blessed and watched over, I haven’t let myself slip too far into the “I can’t” and those moments of doubts have become as short as a sigh because I’m too busy moving on to the next adventure.

If you have a dream and something is holding you back, unless it’s life-threatening, don’t hold back, keep moving forward.  Take a chance, take a risk and invorogate your life with new air, new ground, new people, new sounds and just a whole new environment.  One thing that’s always been hard for me as a Cancerian to do is to let go of the past, but as I grew older I realized that if we’re just standing still all the time, we can miss life because life is constantly moving all around us and we have to keep up the momentum in order to get the right vibe for us – so whether it’s changing jobs, changing boyfriends, changing apartments – uprooting and starting over can actually be exhilerating.  And it’s a good way to purge yourself of crap you’ve been holding on to for too long – you know what I mean.  I’ll try to keep up with the blogging over the next couple of weeks … but regardless, after I’m settled in I’ll be back strong and more determined than ever, telling you about all of my new adventures.  Can’t wait.  Ciao for now … LJ

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