Date and Love a Libra

Are You a Match for Libra?

Charming, partnership-oriented Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice. Finding balance in love relationships will always be a work in progress as Libras tend to take a day-by-day approach to most situations. For Libra the scales lean to one side or the other more often than they are balanced. If you date and love a Libra, finding balance and beauty in your differences and similarities will be the key to a blissful existence.


The cosmic couple Mars and Venus have differing approaches to life. In the best light, they are able to not only appreciate the differences, but take on some of their partner’s best qualities.


You and Libra share Venus as your ruler and therefore you both appreciate nice things. You can meld your basic qualities to form a strong couple if you stay focused on your similarities.


You are both air signs—sociable and fun-loving. This could be a whirlwind romance where you share travel, parties and expressions of love. It’s not easy for two air sign lovers to stay grounded… [keep reading]

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