Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo

venusleoThe Ethereal Transits of Venus

Venus transits are magical.  When Venus transitions from sign to sign, the time in between signs opens us all up a little in the areas that Venus represents: love, beauty, passion and we can even tend to be a little freer with our cash.  Venus takes with her the traits of the sign she’s leaving and carries them into the sign she’s entering.

Today Venus moves into Leo, and the emphasis is on loyalty, optimism, fiery passion and love of luxurious surroundings.  Having just left Cancer, who rules “home” and transiting into Leo who loves “luxury,” you may buy something that enhances your living space and adds a touch of class to your environment.

Venus gets infused with the qualities of the sign it occupies.  As there is always a yin-yang to life, the detriment of Venus in Leo is more demand for attention and a need for fidelity in relationships as well as a desire to keep things fresh and exciting.  If your relationship could use a spark, now would be the time to take your better half out to enjoy a romantic dinner, buy them flowers and make them feel special.   [Read More]

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