The Weekly Planets and Stars – Sept 3-9, 2012

Nowadays we could all use a financial boost.  Appropriately, it’s Labor Day week.  Find something that’s a labor of love and make it into a tidy little business you can call your own (or you and a partner).  Venus enters Leo this week.  Anything that you’re passionate about should benefit from Venus’ touch and Leo makes you unstoppable.

Monday – September 3 (Labor Day)

It’s Labor Day and action-oriented Mars forms a beneficial angle to hard-working Capricorn.  Even if you have the day off, anything you do to improve your bottom line today will help put a few more coins in the bank.  You could be full of ideas.

Tuesday – September 4

Mercury touches Capricorn this time making communications fruitful.  Take a new idea and run with it.  Tell someone who can help you either work-wise or financially; you’ll have support.

Wednesday – September 5

Today you have further support from Mercury and Mars.  Take action and speak up about your ideas.  Someone may ask to invest in your vision, and that would be a good thing.  Your communication skills are at a peak with Mercury at home in Virgo, and Virgo knows how to get things done.

Thursday – September 6

Venus enters Leo.  You’re regal and full of confidence – and confidence is sexy.  Venus can soothe the savage beast, and Leo likes the attention.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – September 7-9

Aside from the quarter Moon, it’s astrologically quiet for the next few days; at least there’s nothing major to report.  That’s probably a good thing.  Between a short work week that followed a three-day weekend and the massive energy expelled at the beginning of the week, you could have plenty on your mind.  Just remember to take the quiet moments when they come.  Think of it as sort of charging your batteries.  Soon we’ll have another Uranus-Pluto Square (on the same day Pluto goes direct again in Capricorn).  You’ll be busy soon enough.


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