In the Stars – August 30 (and the weekend)

I’m including the rest of the week’s forecast in today’s edition – I’ll continue to post every day, but I’m sure there are a few of you who are taking the chance to get out of town.  Labor Day Weekend has that “last hurrah” feeling to it.  We think about how quickly the summer has passed us by, and we wonder where time went and how it went so quickly.  One thing I don’t miss about the 9 to 5 life is the feeling of sitting at my desk and having to cover for everyone else who seemed to be leaving early or taking time off.  There was always one “boss” who let their assistant go home early but  who suddenly, frantically had to get stuff done and needed help doing it.  One thing I do miss, is actually having a day with nothing to do.  It seems the more free time I’ve had lately, the more unwisely I’ve used it.  Maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to a new schedule, which has yet to be defined.

We can manage our own time, but the universe controls time itself.  And somehow this time of year more than any other, we come to notice how easily time can slip by.  Summer seems to be the quickest season.  But I also remember summer as the season that holds some of my most fondest memories – probably because we all see each other more.

In the meantime, I noticed while driving through Milltown today, that the Circus is coming to town on September 7.  I had to keep driving past the banner, there were others driving behind me.  But I’ll get more info on that for you and take a picture of the banner this weekend.

  • Thursday – August 30

In the continued theme of team spirit from yesterday, things should be more relaxed and you may even come up with some ideas you can implement in September.

  • Friday – August 31

(Blue MoonA full Moon in Pisces – and- Mercury enters one of its homes, Virgo.  Full Moons can symbolize endings of some sort.  Let’s just hope all of Mercury’s shenanigans this week hasn’t caused a rift with a friend or coworker.  Of course I believe the endings that come with full Moons are usually for the best, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

  • Saturday – September 1

Mercury, now in Virgo, opposes Neptune in Pisces.  It’s a great day for parties, get-togethers and fun and creative projects – Pisces in Neptune can help you come up with some dreamy ideas.  The only things to avoid today are legal papers and any signing on the dotted line.  Leave that all for another day.  It’s Labor Day weekend and you should be celebrating the unofficial end of summer barbeques.

  • Sunday – September 2

Venus in Cancer squares off with Saturn in Libra.  Its family versus partners this weekend – it could mean a work partner or someone new you’re dating.  If you feel at odds, try to find a happy medium for all – perhaps having everyone over at your house.

~Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend~

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