In the Stars – August 29

  • Wednesday – August 29

The Virgo Sun trines Pluto in Capricorn –and- Mercury sextiles Saturn in Libra.  The emphasis is on work and getting things done in groups.  Excited anticipation for a well-deserved long weekend is now translated into a more jovial atmosphere and the willingness to get things squared away.  Ideas abound.

  • Thursday – August 30

In the continued theme of team spirit, things should be more relaxed and you may even come up with some ideas you can implement in September.

Click here to read more about the rest of the week – or hangout and I’ll update you daily.

About Virgos

If you date and love a Virgo, be prepared for a lifelong journey of constantly increasing oneness that transcends well beyond the boundaries and limitations of an earthly existence. Let’s see how your Sun sign fares with the zodiac’s most indescribable and possibly misunderstood sign. […continue reading]

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