In the Stars – August 28

•Tuesday – August 28

Like yesterday’s rub with Pluto, Mercury forms another sharp angle – this time to Uranus in Aries. Just smile, lay low and try not to cause any disruptions. It won’t be all that bad, but I can imagine a frantic rush to get stuff done before the long weekend, just be careful not to rock the boat.

•Wednesday – August 29

The Virgo Sun trines Pluto in Capricorn –and- Mercury sextiles Saturn in Libra. The emphasis is on work and getting things done in groups. Excited anticipation for a well-deserved long weekend is now translated into a more jovial atmosphere and the willingness to get things squared away. Ideas abound.

Click here to read more about the rest of the week – or hangout and I’ll update you daily.

*A quick note, yesterday I incorrectly stated  that Pluto was in Scorpio – thanks to the marvels of modern publishing, I was able to go back and correct that without having to reprint a bunch of copies.  Pluto is in Capricorn and will be until 2025 – and since Pluto takes a very long time to rotate around the Earth, we won’t see Pluto in Scorpio again in this lifetime – that I can guarantee.   So this time, “The fault,  …  lies not in our stars, but in [myself].”  Good ol’ Shakespeare.

Also you might be asking “where are the famous birthdays – are you no longer posting them?”  Truth is, I’m not sure – and while I ponder the direction of my blog (once again) I’m putting it all on the back burner and concentrating on the stars in the sky – learning more every day so I can share the news with you.  Astrology is one of those things that you just keep learning more and more about … I don’t think it ever stops even for the masters of astrology.  Also, I ‘ve been working on my two websites, my personal/pro site and my new astrology site.  It’s almost finished, but it’s a lot of work (and a lot of fun) and I want it to be stellar.  I’ll keep you up to date as time moves on.

Love and Starlight, LJ

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