In the Stars – August 23

Thursday – August 23

Mars enters Scorpio.  The energy of Mars in Scorpio will differ from the energy felt while it was in Libra.  Mars the warrior is not only considered aggressive but he’s also very sexual.  Scorpio is the sign that represents sex among other things.  Mars will be here for six weeks.

To add to this energy the Moon is also in Scorpio.  With both Mars and the Moon in Scorpio this could be an emotionally intense day – good or bad only the stars can say.  (This is a good reason to know your birth chart – see below.)

Stars in the Stars:  Famous Writers Born Today

I’m taking a new approach/challenge to the Stars in the Stars starting today – from now on (or until I see it’s not working) I’m going to feature famous writers born on the post day – I plan on adding famous photographers and/or famous astrologers soon and when available – after all, those are things I do – writing, photography and astrology (just to name a few).  Today I found three interesting writers who are celebrating birthdays on August 23:

Edward Lee Master – Author, Poet

Edward Lee Masters – Author, Poet Poet and novelistEdgar Lee Masters (born August 23, 1868) grew up on his grandfather’s farm, then became a lawyer in Chicago. His poetry and plays went largely unnoticed until the 1915 publication of Spoon River Anthology, a collection of 245 free-verse epitaphs “spoken” from the grave by the former inhabitants of a fictitious small town.



William Ernest Henley – Literary Critic, Editor, Poet

William Ernest Henley – Literary Critic, Editor, Poet

After a disease forced the amputation of one foot and radical surgery on the other leg, William Ernest Henley began writing free-verse impressionistic poems about hospital life that established his poetic reputation, including “Invictus” (1875). He later edited several journals, including the Scots Observer, which published the early work of Thomas Hardy, George Bernard Shaw, and Rudyard Kipling.



Roger Avary – Writer (Pulp Fiction)

Roger Avary – Writer, Producer, Director

Some of Roger’s writing accomplishments include: 1994 Pulp Fiction (story); Beowulf (screenplay); 2006 Silent Hill (written by); 2004 Glitterati; 2002 and 1993 Killing Zoe (written by).






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