Date and Love a Virgo

Do You Want to Date a Virgo?

It’s a myth that Virgos are unromantic, overly cautious and much too organized for messy feelings of love. They enjoy being seen as organized, well-balanced individuals, but they are far more complicated than that. They can be elusive, endearing and sometimes confusing, but beneath their Superman costume is the beating heart of a real human who longs for a connection with someone that is so deep that it, much like Virgos themselves, cannot be easily described.

If you date and love a Virgo, be prepared for a lifelong journey of constantly increasing oneness that transcends well beyond the boundaries and limitations of an earthly existence. Let’s see how your Sun sign fares with the zodiac’s most indescribable and possibly misunderstood sign.  [Read more …]

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Date and Love a Virgo (2011 Article on

I’ve been happily freelancing for for over a year now and fortunate to be given several “series” to write, such as “Date and Love a …[zodiac sign]” which is now in it’s second year and written with a different twist.  Above is my 2012 version (compatibility) and below it a link to my 2011 version (what it’s like to be in a relationship with a Virgo).  I’m also fortunate to be given the “Date and Love” series for the Chinese zodiac signs.  If you need articles, blurbs for your website or have need for an enthusiastic article writer … drop me a line.  I’d love to hear from you.

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