In the Stars – August 7

In the Stars – Stars Born Today, August 7

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Venus’ Transit into Cancer

This week is a favorite of mine, because on Tuesday, Venus enters my Sun sign, Cancer.  I have always adored Venus transits and viewed them as some sort of magic veil that covers the earth and colors our world as it moves from one sign to another.  I almost imagine it as a beautiful model in an outfit that befits the current sign she occupies who slips behind that dressing screen and changes into the outfit she will unveil for her next debut in a new sign.  Each outfit is as wonderful as the last, and the times in between are a dream state, when you can only imagine what is to come.  Yes, I’m a true Venusian; I love Venus transits.  Venus’ world encompasses love, beauty, money, and more.  She’s also an incredibly resourceful goddess who rules over not one, but two signs – Taurus and Libra.  Venus transits benefit everyone I believe.  They change love and they change luck.  So while some of us may be going through some tough times, know that any part of our lives (or charts) where Venus touches, she’s there to set things in motion that seek to beautify our worlds.

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