The Weekly Planets and Stars – July 16, 2012

Change is Good

Still celebrating after Independence Day?  Well you will be.  I know some may call me crazy, or just a die-hard Cancerian, but the once-a-year New Moon in Cancer, which this year occurs on July 19th, is what I consider the real New Year.  As a Cancerian, it is my New Year, technically, but astrologically speaking, we can all expect some reason to celebrate.

In June we felt the first of a seven-in-series Uranus-Pluto squares.  The next direct square in the series comes in September, but the energy that happens just before these squares is already building.  Squares can seem tough, tense and hard to deal with, but with the two planets involved, it speaks volumes to the necessary changes that are begging to come about in society in general.  Change, even necessary change, can be uncomfortable, but it can also be something to celebrate and embrace.

A New Moon in intuitive Cancer on the 19th gives us a “knowing” that even through some of this week’s astrological happenings as well those passed and others on their way, things are really okay, or at least they’re going to be much better soon.  Life really isn’t meant to be difficult, or for us to suffer, we just have to be willing to change with the tide and go with the flow a little more – perhaps changing just a bit the way we view life and see it through new lenses.  Hang in there … this really is a good sign, and not just for Cancerians, but for everyone.

Now, that I’ve gingerly touched on how to stride through challenging times, let’s start with:

Tuesday – July 17

Mars the warrior planet, now in balancing Libra is working both sides of the scale.  On one side, Mars trines lucky Jupiter in the communicator sign, Gemini (where it will be until next June).  Libra has an eloquent side and with the power of Mars, communications you put together this week – presentations, letters, emails – can really drive some good response if worded well.  Don’t worry about the Mercury retrograde we’re in, in astrological poker this transit kind of trumps the retrograde problems we’re used to.

On the other side of the scale, Mars also squares Pluto in Capricorn.  You know what it means to square off with someone – it’s not fun.  Some situations can be unfair, but necessary.  If someone lays down the law today, take it in stride and work around it if you have to – anything to get you through since you won’t likely be able to change it.

Wednesday – July 18

Seems the scales are tipping further in one direction, as Mars opposes Uranus in Aries.  Not a good day to pick a fight or try to straighten something out that has angered you.  As Ralph Kramden once said, “Pins and needles, needles and pins, it’s a happy man that grins.”  Grit your teeth and bite your tongue, this too shall pass.

Thursday – July 19

Tabula Rasa – Latin for “a clean slate.”  A New Moon in Cancer.  Be open to magic in your life.  New Moons are new beginnings – and this is (sort of) the beginning of a New Year.  Welcome changes, and embrace life.  You may be surprised by ideas you come up with – life is a revelation.

Saturday – July 21

Jupiter, the planet of luck sextiles Uranus in Aries.  You feel exhilarated and ready for change, even if it’s just getting out of town for a day.  Go with the mood and have a good time.  If you have to work, the day will breeze by and you’ll be ready to have a good time.  The pull to be adventurous will be strong; don’t fight it, just so long as no one gets hurt.

Sunday – July 22

The Sun enters Leo – Happy Birthday Leos.  Some Cancers may be celebrating birthdays today as well, depending on the year of their birth.  Tomorrow is all Leo.

Mercury, also in Leo, sextiles Mars in the partnership sign, Libra.  Communication between you and a partner seems to have an easy flow to it today.  What a perfect day to enjoy with your partner in life.  If you don’t have one, get out there and meet them; they’ll be waiting for you.

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