The Weekly Planets and Stars – July 2, 2012


Photo Frank Jr –

Getting Unstuck, Snapping out of it and La Bella Luna

Light the sparklers and enjoy the rockets’ red glare this week as we celebrate America’s true birthday, which means America is a Cancerian, full of love passion and loyalty.

Another reason to celebrate is Mars finally moving into the partnership sign, Libra. Mars, the warrior planet, which generates energy and drive, moves out of Virgo, marking the first Mars transit of the year. Usually Mars visits for a couple (or a few) months, but it’s been in Virgo for a very long time, and some new energy should be a welcome event. The Capricorn full Moon highlights the event, and it’s all leading up to the Fourth of July (aka Independence Day).

If you want to read the week’s astrological story in detail, read The Weekly Planets and Stars, my weekly astrology column on

Also, to find local fireworks in NJ look for a link in my column that lists every event in the State. Thanks for stopping by.

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