Uranus-Pluto Square: 1 of 7

As said during another revolutionary period in time by Bob Dylan, “… the times they are ‘a changing.”

We ended the week with Sunday’s Uranus-Pluto square – the first of seven – the next will occur on September 18. Uranus is in Aries and Pluto is in Capricorn. Uranus likes to shake things up and Pluto is the revolutionary planet. This energy always affects us as an overall time of change, but since it happens to everyone it affects us personally as well. Many things we know that need fixing, like the way governments work, are already under great changes around the world, and we’ve not seen the last. Other aspects of our lives will experience change as well, but it’s overall for the best. Changes happen seemingly out of nowhere when these two square and this series will last until 2015. It’s also calling to everyone explore their spiritual sides more, and we’ve yet to see what we will learn and how we will grow as Earthlings.

The larger planets effect our lives overall.

If you want to see what’s happening in the sky this week, click here for the Weekly Planets and Stars on Examiner.com

2 thoughts on “Uranus-Pluto Square: 1 of 7

  1. First of seven Uranus in Aries in waxing square to Pluto in Capricorn. One area we need to watch is the weather. Uranus (sudden and unexpected) Aries (hot and dry) square (tension and conflict) Pluto (transformative and alteration) in Capricorn (cold); should see sudden alterations between extreme dry heat (we’ve seen this world-wide) and cold. Through in the transiting Jupiter (expansive and abundant) in Gemini (communication and doubles) square (conflict, obstacle & stress) Neptune (illusion, confusion, visionary & inspiration) in Pisces (secret enemies and ripe destiny) aspect, and you have a mix of hot and dry and wet and flooding. That’s exactly what we’ve seen, too much or too little water and extremes in temperature.
    This is only the start of these 7 (now 6 to go) transformative aspects. The election confirmation of a Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Egypt is but one sign of what’s to come. Now Israel is alone in the Middle East in a sea of “sharks.”
    Bill Foster

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