Love and Date a Cancer

Understanding the Sensitive Sign

If you’ve met a Cancer and you’d like to know them better, don’t plan on getting too close too quick. However, once you’ve broken that barrier between wanting to know them and actually knowing them, be ready to be with someone who is intuitive to your feelings, sensitive to your emotions and instinctively sensual when the time is right.

Cancer will cling to you, but not as tightly as they will cling to the freedom to do whatever they feel at any given moment. They don’t like to be told what to do, although they may not always afford you the same right. Although that may sound harsh, make no mistake, under that hard Cancerian shell, is a soft, sweet and caring individual who just always wants the best for those they love and care about.

Moon Connection

Cancer is a water sign and ruled by the moon, making them empathic beyond empathy. They have a bad reputation for being moody, but the truth is that just like the tides of the ocean, they too are guided by the moon. Cancers merely [keep reading …]

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