Astrology: Your Nasty, Mean, Awful Side

What Your Astrologer Didn’t Tell You

This isn’t going to be pretty. Astrologically speaking, we all have a less-than-perfect side. As you will soon see, there is no white without black, no sunshine without rain, and no yin without yang. Thank heaven for that.

Aries: Rams have horns for a reason. They may not like using them, but they’re certainly not afraid to. Secretly you’re wishing everyone would read this just so they could avoid having to find out firsthand. Don’t take the ram for granted.

Taurus: You’re as stubborn as the bull that represents your sign. Whose totem, incidentally, was chosen thousands of years ago when the first china shop opened and closed all in the same day.

Gemini: What can you say about someone with multiple personalities? Not much, when you don’t know what (or who) to expect next. Being psychically sensitive would come in handy here.

Cancer: You side-step confrontations and procrastinate dealing with issues. You should wear a mood ring just to warn people whether it’s safe to approach you or not. Doppler has yet to come up with a warning system for your changeable kind of weather.  [keep reading]

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