The Poll Results

Do you Ever Look Back – The Poll Results

In my poll, Do you Ever Look Back, I asked the question, “Do you ever go back and read over your old blog posts/writings.  The choices were

A. All of the time, B. Sometimes 50/50 and C. I never look back.  The results were astounding.

First of all, I’d like to thank the four people who took the time to actually take my thought-provoking, in-depth poll.  The poll ended on April 23 and it’s taken me all this time to finally go over the count properly and recheck the figures, just because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

50% of you chose “A. All of the time,” and in a tie for second place, 25% of you chose B. and 25% of you chose C.

What it says about me is, thank God I just got laid off my full-time job, so I can finally pay more attention to my blog posts, SEO and loyal followers.  (I really do appreciate you all.)  And I’ll finally have time to read all the blogs I follow that I haven’t devoted enough time to.  Hey, we’re all here to support one another, right?

Well, being that I wasn’t able to vote in my own poll, due to Regulation C, paragraph (iv), I don’t mind sharing what my anwser would have been had I been able to vote.  My vote would have been for A.  I do go back.  Whether it be to get inspiration, find out what posts went right or wrong (like my poll), or just plain narcissistic motivation, I like going back, for all those reasons and more.

That’s why when I looked over an article I did for, Erogenous Zones by Zodiac Sign, I had to of course check the comments.  The comments are the best part of writing articles for the web.  Sure, you get picked on sometimes, there are hecklers, but more often than not the comments are good – and some are just downright hysterical, like this one:

“Yup. Piscean here. I LOVES my feet touched. Also a massage therapist and I love learning this stuff, sorry for the scorpios and cancers… I could loose my lisence to please you lol”

Funny thing is, the only signs’ whose parts Pisces can’t massage, by law, belong to his two fellow-water signs, Cancer and Scorpio.  Apparently, in Massage Therapist World, Cancer’s breasts and Scorpio’s panty zone are off limits.

Well that was my chuckle for the evening, and I was happy to share it.  I hope to write a lot more and see you all here a lot more, and I can’t wait to catch up on all of your posts this week.

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