Pluto, Leader of the Path

Finding Karma in the Stars

This year, as I’ve learned through my astrological studies, is touted as a “life changing” year in the human existence. I am of the school, as are my many teachers, that Pluto, with its revolutionary power, is telling of the very changes we are experiencing her on Earth. Pluto is in Capricorn 2008-2023, and as an “outer planet” takes its rightful place in the evolution of our very lives. Capricorn is an Earth sign, and the energy of Pluto in Capricorn is one that is very grounding. The excesses and greediness of governments, corporations and individuals has no place in the new world we are shaping, and a cosmic correction is in order.

Even our treatment of this planet Earth has been checked and called into question like never before. We are suddenly “aware” of the limited resources that we take and how it all affects the balance of nature itself.

Spiritually, there is an awakening happening, as though our souls feel the real beauty of the gift of life in this form, as we seek to find our purpose and the greater meaning of the reason we are here. Suddenly, our lives will not allow us to deem ourselves unimportant. There is a common knowing among us as individuals that is growing and spreading, that we are capable of enriching each other’s lives, and we are compelled to do so in whatever way we are meant to – from the smallest smile to the most grandiose gesture of generosity, each time we extend ourselves to others, we expand our souls and allow more love to flow between us. That is where I found myself and many others to be during Pluto’s retrograde – shifting the focus of looking outward and rebelling against the status quo, to an inward focus. What can I do as an individual to live truer to my purpose? How can I become a small part of a bigger movement to make this a more spiritual world, a more giving an enlightened existence – what is my gift to the world that I can share?

I became very disillusioned with a tedious life for a short time. And while my friends and family remained important to me, and I enjoyed their company, I stepped back a bit to focus on all of the unanswered questions. I began to look beyond life as it were to envision life as it could be. I feel it’s important to have a vision for the future, it’s like the propeller of a plane – a plane has wings to fly, but it needs momentum to propel it into flight. Equally, I feel that that vision must be embraced and remain flexible. As you move forward, upward, as you learn more and experience different stages, the vision may change, and we have to not be stuck in an idea, but rather let it grow and lead us on our path. I wanted to write, and I became a writer, it was who I was all along. I’ve always loved art and creating things, but writing fed my passionate soul to the core. I dreamed it, I worked towards it, and I became it. A lot of people are searching for their “it” and I was happy to find mine, but a couple of years ago I would have seen this as the pinnacle of a dream, and now I see it is just part of the journey.

Where is the Karma?  It’s in what we put out into the world, and it comes back three-fold.  So now I strive to put out only good thoughts and intentions.  To take a deep breath before I react to something, and when I do react, if at all, it is done in a constructive way that lends meaning and purpose to my life and to others.  And I don’t even let it bother me that astronomers no longer consider Pluto more than a “dwarf planet” because I know the role of Pluto as the leader of the path.  I respect astronomy, as I respect what astrology can show us.  It is not a religion, but a map of possibilities that can be revealed if you know how to read it.  Like a map, it shows many paths, we choose the path we take and the destination.  As Shakespeare would say:

 “Men at some time are masters of their fates: The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

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