Weekly Planets and Stars

Weekly Planets and Stars -Week of April 16, 2012

I was “absent” last week, and had a lot going on, so my apologies.  Of course being so busy may have had something to do with a busy Easter Sunday, or the following Monday when Venus sextile Uranus in Aries and little side trips and adventures kept me removed from obligations.  Or maybe it was the beginning of the Pluto retrograde on Tuesday the 10th.  I was working on another deadline, and had a rough time getting through all I had to do.  Not that I couldn’t write, but Mars was about to go direct the following day on the 13th and it was in a full stop position while it made the change from reverse to forward motion.  Thank heaven that Mars is now direct.  Having been retrograde since January 23, I’m sure we all felt a little stifled in many areas of life, but now the flag is green and we get to move on with life in general without the lag of a retrograde Mars.  And that brings us to the current week:

Sunday – April 15 (Orthodox Easter)

The Sun in Aries opposed Saturn in Libra.  Hopefully you looked over your taxes before mailing them as opposed to just starting them.  Last minutes rushes leave too much room for error.

Monday – April 16

Mercury enters Aries.  The communication planet moves into firecracker Aries.  This matches the forward moving Mars energy and it’s a great time to get things done and start some new projects, as well as getting the word out about any new ventures you’re taking on.

Thursday – April 19 (Happy Birthday Taurus)

Sun enters Taurus.  Taurus is ruled by Venus who covers matters of the heart and also money matters.  Now’s a great time to stash some cash for the future, put some money aside for a new business venture, or just get a better handle on money coming in and (read more on Examiner.com)

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