Say Goodbye to Unsupportive People

Spring Clean and De-Clutter Your Life

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to spring clean and de-clutter. Say goodbye to unsupportive people and naysayers in your life. Once you do, you’ll feel lighter, freer and more inspired. It’s time to apply a little internal Feng Shui and dump the discounters, doomsayers and dim bulbs in your otherwise bright world.

We all want to share our dreams and joys with those we love. We feel blessed if we have the support of others who believe in us and want us to do well and surround us with positive energy. Lacking that support or worse yet, having your efforts discounted by someone who could otherwise be encouraging you, can be hurtful and even dash your confidence if you let it.

It’s not that you need anyone’s kudos or encouragement – you should never look to someone else for your happiness – but it is nice to have someone extend their support because they want to. You, of course, gladly accept their support because you know you would do the same for them.

Say Goodbye to Un-friends

It is not an easy feat to distance yourself from people who may have been in your life since you can remember, but if they’re not adding to your life, then they are only taking from it. If it’s uncomfortable for you to suddenly say goodbye … (keep reading)

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