Erogenous Zones by Zodiac Sign

…Catch a Pisces by the Toe

Make your lover marvel at your mastery of their body. Learn the secrets of erogenous zones by zodiac sign, make all the right touches in all the right places, and leave them begging for more.

Head to Toe

From the top of the zodiac to the proverbial bottom (or back around to the beginning), so follow the parts of the body that each sign rules. From Aries’ head to Virgo’s stomach, right down to Pisces’ feet, the zodiac wheel is a map to the human erogenous zones. You might also look at someone’s rising sign as well as the Sun sign for clues to those sensitive spots. Need more insights on how to understand your lover? Talk with Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625 and learn the secrets of your lover.

Aries: Aries is the head of the zodiac and that’s just where you’ll get their attention. Stroke their hair, admire their eyes and whisper sexy suggestions in their ears.

Taurus: Adoring their sexy neck with soft, sweet kisses and adorning it with jewelry will make the down-to-earth bull float among the stars.

Gemini: Deepen that connection with a heavenly massage from their shoulders to their fingertips, and you just might make their toes wiggle.

Cancer: Passionate Cancerians rule the breast and chest area. Deep, long kisses on the mouth and chest can drive them absolutely crazy and make them melt in your arms.

Leo: Long sexy strokes down your lion’s back will go a long way. A head to tail massage will … (read more)

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