True Soul Mates

Have we met?

Soul mates aren’t just destined lovers, they’re star-crossed moments charted on the map of our lives.  Soul mates can be lovers, or they can also be family or friends or even acquaintances.  They could perhaps even be people who touch our lives for the briefest moment, like a little nod just to say “I’m here,” but their presence in that moment changes something in us.

When you meet a soul mate, and you will meet many along the journey of your life, you will know who they are, and they will know you.  You could have an instant connection with a seemingly total stranger or just feel like you’ve met them before.  Sometimes, though, it’s not always obvious at that moment.  Sometimes you realize it later in a moment of retrospect or it can just dawn on you in almost the same way you might suddenly be hit with a moment of deja vu.  It’s that “aha” moment.  It’s the moment that stops you in your tracks and makes you say, “Hey, wait a minute …”

How Your Soul Mates Reach You

You feel differently around a soul mate than you normally do around others.  Sometimes we shake off that feeling and realize it later, but it’s definitely there.  For everyone it’s a different experience.  For me, having a bit of clairaudience, (a bit?) it’s a ding, like a bell on a 1960s hotel front desk – “Ding, Ding.”  Yep, like a cartoon where an alarm bell suddenly goes off.  How cliché, I know, but I really can’t control that.

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