Neptune in Pisces – The Tides of Emotion

Neptune in Pisces – Feb 3, 2012 to Mar 30, 2025

Mere days into this transit of Neptune in Pisces and I can feel its effects and in some surprising ways.  For the most part, I’m emotional.  My Sun is in Cancer, another water sign, and our key motto is “I feel.” 

Despite the good graces of the Sun sextile Pluto today, wherein I took my own astrological advice and asked a favor, well not so much a favor, but rather ratification.  Something I wanted and kept hitting brick walls trying to fix had been bugging me; I finally gave it one more try, and got what I wanted.  When I didn’t want to pay AT&T Cellular $15 a month for a data plan I didn’t ever use, un-grandfathered by a technicality, I fought it.  It wasn’t the money so much as the principal (OK, hell yeah the money, $180 a year!).  I used the old “buyer’s remorse clause” someone was kind enough to tell me about, and I was vindicated.  It felt good.  In retrospect though, it was a small and shallow victory.

This up was followed by a downer of a day at work where everything happening around me was getting in my face and on my nerves, and I couldn’t ignore it.  Because of that it escalated, and so did my anxiety.  I’m now convinced (at least while Neptune is in Pisces) that I really cannot do the 9-5 much longer.  And since Neptune is sitting tight until 2025 … well, that would be a tough one to stick out.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for my job, it’s a pretty good one, and I have some good friends there, but it’s been a while, a long while, and I have other things I want to do.  I feel like Jack Nicholson in a straightjacket wanting to hand out Juicy Fruit just to bring it all back to the light, but Nurse Ratchet keeps me very aware of the bars around me.  In preparation for that, I’ve been pursuing other things, writing, for instance, and I feel happy and fulfilled doing it.  2012 is a big year for change thanks to all the outer planets shaking things up and some very auspicious transits coming our way.  It may at times seem like a rocket ride (I’m not a good flyer), but the overall changes I see, I feel, will be a good influence on humanity.  Life is so short.  And as I drove by the local court house today, looking at all the CourtTV vans and newscasters and cameramen, all there for the Dharun Davi trial, I was again reminded just how short life can be, and how sad it is when it is not revered.  It’s up to us to live it, not just to its fullest, but to its most-highest potential.  

Neptune in Pisces calls for compassion and sincerity in relationships and interactions with others.   We will all be feeling on a deeper level, not just in our personal lives, but in a humanitarian sense.  And like the oceans Neptune rules, like the fish that swim called Pisces, our emotions will have many ups and downs.  We can learn to ride the waves or swim against the tide, that is always a choice, but not always an easy one.  That’s why I want to remind you again, and remind myself, that feelings, although not always appropriate to show, are always appropriate to feel.   Be good to one another. 


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