Date and Love a Pisces

by LJ Innes

Relationship Advice for Those Who Fall for a Fish

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, and as such they are imbued with certain characteristics from each of the other signs. They are an alchemic concoction of mystery, adventure, luck, sensitivity, idealism, spirituality and enthusiasm that spill over into and blend with real life. Pisces are dreamers and realists at once, which is not a contradiction in Pisces’ world. They need creative outlets to feed their imaginative side, which could be something artistic such as painting, anything social and thought-provoking such as a book club, or even as complex as putting together an elaborate network that fills their home with mood-setting music. They love to entertain and will often fill their home with friends and family.

Catching the Fish

Someone who gets the way a Pisces thinks, or has similar beliefs, will definitely catch their attention. But if you want to keep their attention, you have to be on board with them, faithfully supportive. There’s no fooling the fish. Pisces can see into anyone’s heart and soul as if they were transparent. Their watery nature not only makes them intuitive, it sets the waves of change in motion, which can happen at a moment’s notice. That is to say, if Pisces believes in something, …[keep reading…]


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